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Staten Island Water Damage

3/26/2018 (Permalink)

Living in New York, water damage can be a common and very devastating thing. While there are many causes such as leaking/bursting pipes in apartments, issues with plumbing in homes, or even a natural disaster there is a way to restore the damage depending on the situation. Unfortunately, in some cases, there is a chance that some items aren't capable of restoring, for example, some items soaked in water past forty-eight hours can reach a point of no return. On the flip side certified professional water damage restoration specialist can tell the best way to restore water damage to property or if it can even be restored.

Keep in mind one of the best things a person can do is make sure their insurance policy will cover any water damage in the unfortunate event of a disaster. Although making sure to take steps to prevent water damage from happening in the first place will always be the recommended first and best choice.

Tips For Avoiding Water Damage:

-Keep a close eye on your water bill

Sometimes leaks can happen in our homes that we have no idea about and by the time you realize it, there is water damage left behind that's irreversible or you end up coming out of pocket to fix not only the leak but the water damage too. Monitoring your bill can help you catch if it reaches an unusually high amount which can indicate a leak.

-Maintain clean roof gutters

Most times roof gutters can get overlooked but it's important to clean it out at least once a month. Things such as leaves, sticks, debris that has blown around in the air, and even bird nests could be clogging your gutter. This in return can send water flowing into your home on a rainy day.

Fire Damage

3/4/2018 (Permalink)

Fire is the natural oxidation of a solid or some liquid material in the chemical process of combustion. Fire is one of the fiercest elements on the planet. It can leave in its wake a devastating trail of damage, property loss and has been responsible for numerous deaths across the country over the years. Most people do not realize the extent of damage fire can cause. It is capable of bringing down buildings, infrastructure that cost a lot of capital.

The most tragic form of fire is referred to as a "wildfire". This type is fierce and spreads over a wide area fast. This type of fire does not need direct flame to spread. The small embers are enough to start house fires that claim lives and leave huge financial damage on its victims. The small bits of debris can be spread by the wind over long distances and can set a house on fire when they land on weak spots of a house.

Although it is hard to fully control the fire damage, we are in a position to prevent the fires and the response we give to such outbreaks.

Fire damage control

Immediate damage control and response is crucial in that it will:

  • Save as much of your property as possible and personal belongings.
  • The fire restoration you hire will document everything they collect by taking pictures reducing chances of losing items.
  • They will return all salvageable items back in the house
  • Save any trapped person or pet in time
  • Help you settle back as soon as possible.

The main source of fire damage however, is to educate people on fire prevention and how to stop causing fires. How to react to fire and when it happens is also very crucial and how to contact fire damage and restoration companies.

Water Damage Restoration

2/26/2018 (Permalink)

Water damage may arise because of leaks from water appliances or flooding. Such damage enables the attack of materials through a destructive process.

For example:

  • Wood rots
  • Growth
  • Rusting of steel
  • Material de-lamination

Nonetheless, we offer restoration services that guarantee maximum satisfaction. A team of experienced personnel that will document the drying process carries our water restoration services. This ensures that the damaged property dries appropriately.

Furthermore, a 24-hour emergency service that deals with restoration and cleaning is available, and we respond to any disaster promptly.

Water damage restoration

Water damage varies, and as a result, each will require a specific solution. However, the standard process is the same which include:

Emergency contact

Upon contacting us, the responsive team takes you through the problem and asks questions useful in coming up with a solution. For instance, resources and equipment needed.

Inspection and damage assessment

We analyze the scope of the damage by testing to see the extent to which the damage has spread. Furthermore, we establish the distance covered by moisture to allow for total restoration.

Water extraction

In the process, the majority of water is removed almost immediately by using powerful pumps and vacuum equipment. It ensures that secondary damage and mold growth does not occur.

Drying and dehumidification

Our technicians take room measurements, temperature, and humidity to know the humidifiers and air-movers needed for drying. This stage removes water, which is difficult to access.

Cleaning and sanitization

Structures and restorable items damaged undergo cleaning and sanitization. Our team uses sophisticated equipment for the procedure to deodorize, treat, and remove odors from your property.


It involves slight repairs like drywall replacements, installing new furniture and reconstructions.

Our services are available to residents of New York City. Feel free to visit or call us and get help with qualified and certified personnel.

Mold Damage

2/19/2018 (Permalink)

Mold is a furry fungi growth that occurs and thrives in the presence of moisture. Although mold has existed for millions of years and they are everywhere even in the atmosphere, they can cause some serious health and financial damage in many numbers. Some people are seriously sensitive and allergic to molds and its presence can cause stuffiness, throat irritation, wheezing and many more severe reactions.

Molds can enter into households through open doorways, windows, vents and even air conditioning systems. Humans can also carry molds on them through clothes, shoes, pets, bags etc. The mold would then attach itself on moist surfaces, paper and wood based surfaces and on walls too.

Mold growth can cause decay of such surfaces and can cause breakage or complete and total destruction. They can cause collapse of surfaces and this can be dangerous especially in places where there are children. The growth may look likes spots of different colors. They may grow on food and pose a great huge health risk.

Mold control is easy especially in situations where it is not so advanced.

  • You can control all the humidity levels in a household to prevent growth and spread of the mold
  • By fixing all leaky surfaces and roofs in the house. The windows, basement, pipes and walls where the pipes run through
  • In case of flooding, it is very crucial that a house, building be cleaned thoroughly in order to prevent the mold.
  • Ventilation and any living space, showers, cooking areas like the kitchen to prevent stuffiness that might lead to molding is crucial.

In cases where the mold is uncontrollable there will be need to call for professional help. Calling mold inspectors is often the smart move to ensure complete removal of mold. Continuous mold inspections and testing is important.

Water Damage Repair and Restoration

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

Protecting your home and family is of utmost importance. That's why we ensure that we rush to repair water damage as soon as possible. We will come to your home in the New York City area and deal with the situation. Our technicians pay careful attention to detail. They will document the whole process. The documentation will give you the peace of mind that the people you love are secure.
After all, when it comes to safety you don't want to take any chances

You can call as any time you need to. Day or night, we will be there for you. Our 24 Hour Emergency Service is designed to be a fast solution in New York City. We are quick to arrive. And, our technicians are highly-trained, with hands-on experience.

Your comfort matters to us too. After the technicians finish dealing with the water damage, they will clean up. Your home will receive high-grade cleaning at a professional level. They will sanitize and use products that help remove unwanted odors.

Before you call us, make sure you and your loved ones are not at risk. For one thing, water damage poses electrical fire hazards. It might be best to get out of the house first, then give us a call.

Here are just a few reasons why you should get in touch:

  • We are locally owned. This means we care about our neighbor and neighborhoods. By helping you, we're staking our reputations.
  • We offer you a 24-Hour Emergency Service.
  • We use advanced equipment for drying, inspecting, and extraction.
  • Our technicians are highly-trained professionals who care.

Get in touch now by calling us or through our website!

Causes of fire damage in homes and how to prevent it

12/13/2017 (Permalink)

A homeowner's worst enemy is fire because it can burn your hard earned investment to the ground and even cause deaths to you or your family. Fire is a vicious enemy who can not only burn your property but can also cause other problems such as water damage, break windows because of pressure as well as damage the roof hence expose your home to greater damage. All these dangers and losses that can be caused by fire call for you as the homeowner to think of ways to prevent fires and put them into action.

The first step you should take towards preventing fire outbreaks at homes is taking safety precautions. One way you can do this is by installing a fire alarm in your house and ensuring that it is functional at all times. The other way is by buying a fire extinguisher and placing it in an accessible and safe place. This equipment can help you mitigate the damage that fire can cause when it occurs. You can also consider installing a fire door in your kitchen to slow down the rate of burning as you look for alternative means of putting out the fire.

The next step is to ensure that you follow manufacturer's procedures whenever you are handling combustible equipment. These include equipment and items such as lighting candles, cooking equipment and electrical appliances. For example, at no time should a hob used to turn off gas be left on because once the gas fills the house it will only take a spark to ignite and cause fire.

Another thing to consider is the design of your house which should not catalyze a fire outbreak. Therefore, care should be taken to see that bright lights are not installed too close to the loft installations, flammable items should not be placed above the stove and dry grass growing around the house should be trimmed among other measures.

The possible causes of fires at our homes are kitchen fires, lightning, children playing with fire, electrical fires, and smoking. Kitchen fires can be prevented by being careful when cooking. For instance, you should wear fitting clothes when cooking and open the damper before lighting wood fire, wet ashes before throwing them away and watch out for an awful smell. Electrical fires can be avoided by avoiding overloading an outlet with appliances and repairing outlets and wiring that needs repairs. Fires caused by children can be prevented by educating children on the dangers of fire and smoke fires can easily be avoided if the smoker avoids smoking when inside the house and then ensuring that they dispose of the cigarette butt well once they are done smoking.

At SERVPRO, we have experience in dealing with fire damage and we have been providing our services to residents of Manhattan, New York City. Call us today if you had a fire at your home and are wondering how to handle the damage it caused.

Water Damage Restoration

11/29/2017 (Permalink)

Water damage may come in many forms ranging from seepage, storm surges, overflow, and accumulated water condensation to water intrusions. The cause and the nature of the damage will determine the best response. We are a full-service company offering water damage restoration in New York City. We can handle different forms of damage like;

  • Overflows
  • Broken water pipes
  • Water damage from window leaks, skylights, roof leaks or any other opening
  • Basement flooding and groundwater seepage
  • Natural flooding
  • Condensation resulting from HVAC system issues or poor ventilation

Why choose us

We offer friendly service. We start by assessing the damage and asking you questions to decide on the best solution. We are the best option for you since we offer an excellent restoration process by;

Emergence response

We offer a 24-hour emergency response service which ensures that our team is on-site at any time of your call. After your call, we immediately dispatch the right crew to do the job before the problem goes from bad to worse.

Care for your belongings

Water damage can lead to waterlogged furnishings, carpet, and other belongings which will need to be removed during the damage mitigation. If the items are not in bad condition, whereby the restoration cost is less than that of replacement, we can help you in that. We walk with you through the whole recovery process, and we have a plan before beginning the work.

Quick dry-out

Our skilled professionals use high-tech equipment to extract more water before using our dryers and blowers for further moisture removal.

Disinfect your property

We use high quality and approved disinfectants to reduce germs, viruses, fungi, mold and any other microorganisms from the intrusions.

If you experience such incidences in Manhattan, do not hesitate to ask us for help. We have decades of experience ensuring that we provide you with satisfying services. We have learned how to work and relate with clients and have the best equipment necessary for a reliable restoration.

Quick and Effective Water Damage Restoration Process

9/25/2017 (Permalink)

Water damage is one of the long-term destructive substances in the indoor home environment. Flooding can lead to structure destruction and cause the personal property to deteriorate rapidly. The issue becomes severe if the cleanup service is delayed.

The harmful impacts of water can significantly be minimized by a prompt and efficient clean up within 24-48 hours. Even if the flooding may seem severe, a quick cleanup and restoration produce amazing results. There are numerous causes of water damage which include;

  • Natural hazards and weather-related water damage
  • Building your house in an area prone to collecting water like basements and crawl space
  • Malfunctioning of home appliances
  • Problems with the plumbing system
  • Leaking pipes
  • Sewage backups

Regardless of the cause, we are here to help you and ensure that your building goes back to its prior state.

If water damage restoration is not quickly and appropriately done, it could lead to significant losses like business interruption, health risks, and other financial burdens. When conducting a water damage restoration, we follow the following steps;

Property assessment

When you contact us for a water damage restoration, our contractors come to your property and perform a thorough evaluation of the damage done. This provides them with a clear understanding of the method to use for the remediation. They will then develop a strategic plan to maximize the restoration process.

Getting rid of water

Through a strategic plan derived by the specialists, they start the water removal process. It involves the use of specialized equipment like power pumps and vacuums to ensure no moisture left.


After removing the excess moisture, we perform the drying and dehumidifying process. After water removal, the floor and walls are likely to retain excess water, and this step is meant to get rid of that moisture as it can cause warping and swelling of the property leading to further destruction.

Cleaning the property

This is the final step which involves cleaning and removing any debris caused by the water damage. This will also include treatment, disinfectant, and odor removal treatment.

Fire Damage Restoration

9/11/2017 (Permalink)

Fire damage, whether it happens at home or your business premises can be very devastating. After the fire occurrence, it leaves your property in a mess due to the smoke and also the water flooding from the fire fighting attempts. Each fire damages are unique and require different solutions, and we understand how stressful it can be.

Some hazards like fire are inevitable, and when it happens, you will need someone who can repair the damages and bring your property back to its prior condition. This is done by removing the smoke damage stains, the soot coatings and the smoke odors leaving the property in a preloss condition. This is where we come in.

There are numerous causes of fire which include;

  • Kitchen fire
  • Electrical fire
  • Home heating fire
  • Flammable items
  • Candles
  • Smoking

To perform fire restoration, we follow the following steps;

Property inspection

Our team is experienced, and we have all the tools required for a thorough inspection. They will conduct the inspection carefully to determine the severity of the fire and where smoke and soot has settled. It is the first step to decide which action to take.

Smoke and soot removal

We then start the cleaning job to eliminate all the soot and smoke residues and checking the missing items that need replacement.

Cleaning soot and removing smoke is not an easy thing to do by yourself and that is why you need professionals like us. We remove the entire smoke residue from the walls, floor, windows, and ceiling.


After cleaning, we perform a drying action to remove all the water flooded when attempting to fight the fire.


This also involves the removal of smoke odor through fogging equipment and scrubbers.


This is the last step which includes repairs and replacement. It ensures that everything is brought back to the way it was before the fire occurrence.

Mold Management and Removal

8/21/2017 (Permalink)

Choosing a mold damage management company can be stressful as you are not sure which contractor to trust. We are unique since we provide our clients in New York City and Manhattan with quality solutions to mold damage problems.

Our staff is experienced and has been in this field for decades, and this allows them to come up with unique methods of mold elimination.

The presence of water in your building either at your home or business can lead to excessive growth of mold. They can quickly spread to basements, bathrooms, walls and any other areas prone to moisture contact.

Other than property destruction, mold can affect the overall health of the buildings' inhabitants. Some of the effects of mold include;

  • Nasal stuffiness
  • Eye irritation
  • Skin irritation
  • Wheezing
  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath

Also, the growth of mold presents a threat to your property value which could cost you a lot in maintenance expenses.

To avoid such things from happening to you, let us help you to get rid of mold and any other threatening signs completely. To achieve this, we;

Identify and remove the cause of mold

This is always the first because if we do not get rid of the roots, mold will keep coming back. The mistake that most homeowners make is thinking that they can get rid of mold by just cleaning and disinfecting the areas. Some use homemade bleach to wipe the surfaces forgetting that they leave behind the bio-smile causing the mold.

Mold removal

After collecting the causes, we start the remediation process. We eliminate mold in all affected areas like the bathroom using the help of our experts and quality products ensuring that your home is left in a pleasant state.

Mold removal is not an easy task as many individuals think. If done improperly you will keep seeing mold appearing in your home despite the repeated cleaning attempts. Bleach and other household cleaning products do not kill mold. The best remedy is eliminating all the moisture as it is the catalyst for mold growth. Therefore, homeowners should not attempt to remove mold if the affected area is over 10 square feet. It is best if done by a certified mold management professional and that why we are here to help all the New York City and Manhattan dwellers. Contact us today to book an appointment.