Recent Before & After Photos

Storage Cleanup in Staten Island

Lots of old unwanted items remained in the storage unit of a Staten Island residence building. The team of SERVPRO was able to come in immediately and tend to t... READ MORE

Residence Restoration

An entire floor of a building was in need of repair after some deterioration in some of the walls. Luckily within only a few days, the damages were completely r... READ MORE

Fire Damage in the City

This damaged office was a result of a serious fire from the night before. You can see the extent of damages from the debris on the ground. A small crew was able... READ MORE

Gallery Cleanup

A water leakage in this gallery called for a team of experts to restore the damages. The after picture shows the work of the team only a few days after the gall... READ MORE

Soot Reduction

An electrical fire in a small room within an apartment cause unwanted soot and smoke to build up. Upon calling the SERVPRO team, the apartment residents were su... READ MORE

Floor Restore

This water-logged living room floor was no problem for the cleanup crew of SERVPRO. As you can see the flooring was fairly damaged, however it only took the cre... READ MORE

Flame Fix Up

The advanced cleanup crew of SERVPRO of Staten Island was able to restore the damages caused by a fire with ease. The office building was impressed with how qui... READ MORE

Quick Clean!

A minor water damage accident resulted in the SERVPRO team springing into action at this Staten Island home. A quick water cleanup is no issue for this expert c... READ MORE

Flood Trouble!

Flooded hallways are never beneficial, especially in this particular Staten Island apartment. With this extent of flooding, expertise is required to come and fi... READ MORE

Fire Damage Fixed

The family who was the victim of this intense fire feared that much of their floors and walls would be beyond repair. Within only a full week of work, the damag... READ MORE