Recent Before & After Photos

All Season Restoration

Some serious water buildup in an office building occurred due to a damaged pipe. The office floor was covered with water, causing the business to have to postpo... READ MORE

Your Local Cleanup Team

When you're in need of cleanup and debris removal such as this, make sure to call the experts at SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island. This mess was caused by a ro... READ MORE

Battered Bathroom

When extensive damages like these harm your home, know that the reliable cleanup crew of SERVPRO will be there to help as soon as possible. This intense mold wa... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damages

This building floor was in need of remediation after some pretty serious flood damages. Soon after the expert team of SERVPRO was called to the scene, it was no... READ MORE

Leakage at School

A leakage in the computer lab was the result of a broken pipe which ran underneath the room. When called in to fix the problem, the specialist team from SERVPRO... READ MORE

Flood Cut Fix

An office in Staten Island suffered from serious flooding, damaging the lowers walls of the office throughout. The after picture of the flood cuts was taken wit... READ MORE

Rotted Wood in Staten Island

A bad case of wood rotting on a ground floor apartment happened due to a recent surge of water in the area. The after picture displays the hard work of the spec... READ MORE

Room Remediation

The knowledgeable restoration team at SERVPRO of Staten Island was able to fix up this deteriorating wall in just one day. The owner of the house was pleased, a... READ MORE

Wall Repair in Staten Island

These walls in a Staten Island home eventually broke down so much over time that external help was needed. The after picture shown was the result of two days wo... READ MORE

Storage Cleanup in Staten Island

Lots of old unwanted items remained in the storage unit of a Staten Island residence building. The team of SERVPRO was able to come in immediately and tend to t... READ MORE