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Extension Cord Safety: What to Do & What to Avoid Doing

1/10/2020 (Permalink)

man in white suit encapsulating roof When using extension cords, prevent them from becoming potential fire hazards.

Extension cords are both a common and convenient way to bring power to electrical devices. However, when used without proper caution, they can become fire hazards and pose risks to your personal safety.

Follow these tips to help keep your home safe when using extension cords:

Selecting extension cords

  • Purchase only cords that have been approved by an independent testing laboratory.
  • For outdoor projects, use only extension cords marked for outdoor use.
  • Read the instructions (if available) for information about the cord's correct use and the amount of power it draws.
  • Select cords that are rated to handle the wattage of the devices with which they'll be used. A cord's gauge indicates its size; the smaller the number, the larger the wire and the more electrical current the cord can safely handle.
  • Consider the length you'll need, longer cords can't handle as much current as shorter cords of the same gauge.
  • Choose cords with polarized or three-prong plugs.
  • For use with larger appliances, thick, round, low-gauge extension cords are best. For smaller appliances and electronics, you can use thin or flat cords.

Using extension cords

  • Never remove an extension cord's grounding pin in order to fit it into a two-prong outlet.
  • Avoid powering multiple appliances with one cord.
  • Never use indoor extension cords outdoors.
  • Don't plug multiple cords together.
  • Don't run extension cords under rugs or furniture.
  • Never tape extension cords to floors or attach them to surfaces with staples or nails.
  • Don't bend or coil cords when they're in use.
  • Cover unused cord receptacles with childproof covers.
  • Never use extension cords that feel hot to the touch.

Caring for extension cords

  • Always store cords indoors.
  • Unplug extension cords when they're not in use.
  • Throw away damaged cords immediately.
  • Pull the plug — not the cord — when disconnecting from the outlet.

Remember, extension cords are intended to be temporary wiring solutions. If you find you're using them on a permanent basis, this can be a hazard.

Please call your leading professionals, SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island if you or a loved one experience ramifications on your home at 718-979-4100!

Candle Safety is Important

1/9/2020 (Permalink)

encapsulated room Candles create the perfect ambiance, but a lit candle can easily ignite anything flammable in its presence.

Fast Facts:

  • 38% of home candle fires start in bedrooms and cause 35% of associated deaths. 
  • More than 50% of all candle home fires start because the candle was too close to a a flammable item (I.E. mattresses, bedding, curtains, cabinetry, or furniture are ignited). 
  • In 12% of home candle fires and in 25% of associated deaths and injuries, the household occupants were asleep when the fire occurred.
  • Unsupervised children are involved in 20% of home candle fires. 
  • Having a working smoke alarm reduces one’s chances of dying in a fire by nearly 50%.
  • 11% of home fires are caused by falling asleep while a candle is lit
  • 58% of home fires started when something flammable was too close to the lit candle
  • 36% of home fires start in the bedroom

Preparedness Tips:

  • Remember that lit candles are fire. Keep them at least 12 inches from anything that can burn, such as curtains, bedding, mattresses, paper, books, flammable decorations, clothing, and upholstered furniture.
  • Never leave a room or go to sleep before blowing out all lit candles.
  • Use candle holders that are sturdy and won’t tip over easily. Candle holders that are made from a material that cannot burn, and are large enough to collect dripping wax would also be a good idea.
  • Place candles where they cannot be reached or knocked over by pets or children.
  • During an emergency, always use flashlights instead of candles as light sources.
  • Never leave a child unattended in a room with a candle. Additionally, keep all matches and lighters out of reach of children.
  • Keep all lit candles and any other open flames away from flammable liquids.


1/3/2020 (Permalink)

soot covered bathroom Soot is one of the most dangerous forms of air pollution, if your home is affected please call SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island today at 718-979-4100

A puff back can incite when an oil burner doesn't ignite immediately causing oil fumes to build up before ignition, resulting in an explosion like the backfiring of a car.  Buildup of debris can also create an excessive explosion at ignition.  In either case, the explosion can shoot soot and debris through the furnace or boiler's exhaust system and into your home. 

If you have a forced air system (a hot air system as opposed to a hydroponic, or hot water, system) the problem will likely be worse as the heating ducts can spread soot into every corner of your home, with the same efficiency that they spread heat.  A puff back can be a chronic problem, with each ignition sending forth a small amount of soot that slowly accumulates on heating vents, ceilings, carpets or baseboards, or it can be a single sudden event that sends a large amount of soot through the heating system.

What Should You Do?

It is quite amazing how much the soot can cover - it goes everywhere!  It can even force you out of your home in some cases.  This soot is not just a powder-like substance, but it is also black and sticky and will include a mixture of oil that is difficult to clean.  This dirty residue needs to be cleaned as soon as possible!  Oil-based soot is extremely difficult to remove.  In addition to the soot, a puff back causes a foul odor to permeate your home.  So, what should you do?

  • Assess the situation and the amount of damage that was done
  • Wash all affected clothing and fabrics in the house - some may require professional dry cleaning
  • Throw away all exposed food
  • Call a repairman to fix the malfunctioning oil furnace
  • Call a cleaning service to take care of the soot and chemicals

And that's where you need a puffback specialist to thoroughly clean and deodorize all affected items and SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island is available 24/7/365 to assist as this is just one of our many services!

Risks of a Leaking Roof

7/29/2019 (Permalink)

Heavy rain and snow can cause hidden damages with long lasting issues in your home, especially on the roof. A leak in your roof is something that cannot be ignored, even a small leak can result in mold, frame rot, and destroyed insulation. The onset of these issues is rapid and must be dealt with immediately. Water damage can be detrimental, but the damage can be minimized if you frequently check for leaks and do any necessary repairs promptly.

If you choose to do your own repairs, it is crucial to complete the whole process. SERVPRO is there to help. While the leak is sealed and the water is cleaned up, mold must be destroyed and the re growth must be prevented. The risks of a hidden mold outbreak can be dangerous to the health of you and your family. Always remember, the longer you wait, the more damage will be done; a small leak can become a huge one overnight.

After The Fire Is Out

6/28/2019 (Permalink)

Once in a while we are struck by calamities such as fires. Fire can be caused by:

  • Human errors such as forgotten candles
  • Electrical faults
  • Cigarettes
  • Home appliances
  • Gases and chemicals
  • Heating
  • Arson

Even with smoke detectors in place, fire can raze down an entire building or parts of the building leaving considerable damage in its trail. Long after the firefighters have left the question on most house owners minds is what next? The damage is both financially and emotionally draining. Loss of personal property and disruption of regular life is frustrating. It may involve moving out to a new home while the damages are repaired and for business, it leads to an immediate loss of income.


Once you have met with your insurance provider, you then seek a firm that specializes in restoration. You need a company that has an excellent reputation and will help rebuild your house. Not everybody that promises to bring back your premises' lost glory will deliver. When contracting a restoration company in Manhattan consider the following:


Restoration should be carried out as quickly as possible. You want to restore normalcy within the shortest time possible. If it's business, it should be up and running within a relatively short period. You don't want to work with someone that will drag the repairs for months. Speed does not mean poor maintenance. It is possible to achieve good quality renovation in a short period using the right staff and equipment.


Ensure the firm you select has experienced and qualified staff. The staff should also be trustworthy; your belongings should remain safe even as you open your home or business to 'strangers.' They should possess modern and efficient equipment to be used in renovation and cleaning. State of the art equipment ensures a thorough cleaning and does not leave any traces behind. The staff should show empathy to their clients as they are going through a rough time.

Up and Out of Smoke Odor

6/24/2019 (Permalink)

Smoke damage leaves your property with black marks which can be unpleasing to look at. It destroys the appearance and structure of everything in it. This includes walls, ceiling, furniture and any other item in the affected room. It also leaves the building with an unpleasant odor that is hard to eliminate unless you turn to professionals like us for assistance. We are here to assist any smoke damage victims in New York City by offering friendly yet professional services to deal with the disturbing issue and restore your home or business property to its previous state.

We use our experience and high-tech equipment to make sure that we clean and deodorize the building making it a comfortable place to live in. Smoke, due to its nature, can easily seep through the smallest cracks. It is, therefore, hard for you to notice it and this could lead to substantial damages when the issue gets out of hand.

Our team is qualified and has knowledge about how smoke works. This makes us the best option for you. We offer complete cleanup and odor removal in Manhattan. We do this by following simple yet effective steps as follows;

Removing soot from the household

This is the residue left behind after the smoke damage. It is the action taken after assessing the level of the damage and marking the affected areas.

Determining and getting rid of the source of odor

The smoke smell remains in carpets, upholstered furniture and clothing unless it is eliminated before the cleaning process. We use high-quality additives and chemicals to help break the molecules and get rid of the smell.

Cleaning the room

After deodorizing, it is time to eliminate the smoke spots by doing a thorough cleaning of the walls, carpets and the washable clothes ensuring that they are all left immaculately clean.

If you are having a smoke damage issue in Staten Island we are the right solution for you;

  • We are experienced
  • Have the right equipment
  • Certified to do the job
  • We offer emergency restoration services

Do not think twice about trusting us to do the job for you and you will not regret your decision.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

6/21/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damages could be the most devastating incident you can ever experience. Being a stressful time for you, we believe that all you need is a professional service to help you recover to your usual self again. Our restoration company will always be here to meet all your needs as regards any incident related to the fire. We will always empathize with you, hence provide you with services that will give you satisfaction.

Our restoration company in Manhattan has competent staff who are thoroughly trained to meet any of your need. We have the most modern and specialized fire restoration equipment and techniques that will always meet the needs of your home at any time of the year.

Our specialized services are tailored to meet any smoke and fire damages in your home. We, therefore provide various cleaning procedures for the multiple materials burnt.

Our restoration process includes:

  • Emergency Contact
  • Inspection of the related incident
  • Fire Damage Assessment
  • Board and Roof tarp services (if any)
  • In cases where water damage has been experienced, we provide water removal and drying services
  • Cleaning off smoke and soot off all affected surfaces
  • Overall cleaning and repair services
  • Finally, we give restoration service

Why You Need Us?

  • We've always cared for our client's property like our own.
  • We ensure convenient services all through the yea; 24/7
  • We act quicker to any fire-related incident; to lessen and limit further damages and reduces potential loses as well
  • We can deal with any size of fire and smoke incident experienced
  • Our company is specialized in fire and water-related damages; hence we assure you the most reliable and quality services
  • Our fire and smoke restoration technicians have the required skills and capacity to meet your needs.
  • We have odor our control technicians
  • Our fabric cleaning technicians provide satisfaction
  • Our Restoration technicians are qualified to meet all your concerns

Fire Damage Specialists

6/17/2019 (Permalink)

Having fire damage in your residential or commercial property can be upsetting and shocking. When you experience such losses, you get reassurance from getting clear support and guidance in rescuing as much as possible from the fire damage. We are here to help you get your property back to its prior state before the damage. Our crew of technicians is experienced and trained to help you get back your home or commercial property as fast possible. We can fix any imaginable kind of fire damage. Fire damage comes in different forms and causes which include;

  • Kitchen grease and stove burners fire
  • Electrical fires probably due to overloaded electrical outlets and faulty wiring
  • Accidental fire ignitions such as from flammables like propane and gasoline

These are just a few of the many probable causes of fire at your home or business property. If you experience such tragedies in New York, we are here to help you by;

Identifying the source of the fire

This helps us to come up with the best solution possible for restoration. We evaluate the degree of the loss so that we can determine the best approach to start the restoration.

Assessing the damage

In this process, we evaluate to see if there are further damages like water damages that might have resulted from the firefighting process. We then deal with the water damage if there is any.

Removal of items from the building

We will need to vacate the building to ensure that all parts are touched during the restoration process.

Structural restoration

This involves the cleanup of charred contents, evaluation of floor coverings and carpets that may need removal, inspecting the house for safety, disinfection and treatment of the areas and smoke odor removal.

Returning the items

We help you get the items back to their location assisting you to restore your normal life.

Fire damage in NY is at times an inevitable tragedy, and we are here to see things get easier for you. Contact us for help. We are available 24/7 to offer you help whenever you need us.

After the Fire

5/9/2019 (Permalink)

How to approach smoke damage

When fires occur in a home or office, they cause more damage than many people realize. From fire damage to smoke damage to water damage, there is so much most people learn in the hours following a fire that they didn’t know before. This influx of knowledge and information is often overwhelming, and it leaves many property owners unsure of what to do next. SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island works to ensure property owners have help with things like water and smoke damage following a fire. 

No matter where you are in New York, smoke damage is sometimes worse than fire damage. Fires might be put out after being confined to a small area, but the smoke from the fire can carry throughout a property anywhere in NYC. Before your town-home or apartment suffers further damage, give us a call.

Smoke damage affects much more than just your lungs if you’re present during a fire. It’s tremendously acidic, which means it begins destroying anything it touches within hours of a fire. Essentially, even the items in your home not damaged by the actual fire can be destroyed quickly when you don’t approach smoke damage efficiently. 

SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island prioritizes your needs by responding to your call immediately. We work to remove smoke damage, manage water damage, and prepare your home for you to re-enter as quickly as possible. We understand that time is of the essence following a fire, and they work to make sure you get as much of their time as quickly as possible. Don’t allow your home to become further damaged by failing to understand just how much damage can be done following a fire. Call the professionals for help.

How To Prevent Fire Damage

1/23/2019 (Permalink)

How To Prevent Fire Damage

Fires in homes or apartments are damaging, but most of them can be prevented. Most people have a fire extinguisher and smoke alarms to combat any fires that nay occur in their living spaces. 

What Are Fire Hazards To Watch For? 

We at SERVPRO, want people to be aware of leaving on appliances that can give off excess heat. People should make sure that they turn them off when they need to, and that there are not shorts in the wires. Both of these can ignite fires. Our professionals at SERVPRO also want people to replace the batteries every year in their smoke detectors. This can save someone's life when they work properly. 

Kitchen's Have Huge, Fire Risks 

As a rule, cooking in a kitchen poses fire risks. It is important to keep paper and other flammable products away from stoves and ovens. It is also important that people watch closely so they don't overcook foods. Burned foods can ignite fires easily, especially if there is grease involved. Using oven mitts and pot holders are also recommended. 

In NYC, We Are There For You 

Our services are used by people that have homes or apartments that have mold damage, fire or smoke damage and problems from flooding. We can restore the environment of their living space back to new. 

We are SERVPRO, in New York, offering reasonable prices from experienced experts in property, restoration services. Our company takes great pride in how we treat our customers. One of our goals is to provide the best in customer service. Contact us when you are in need of our restoration services, and we will have our team assist you in a timely manner.

what do to if you have smoke damage

1/23/2019 (Permalink)

what do to if you have smoke damage

Smoke damage causes various safety issues on both a small and large scale. Even fine smoke particles present big risk factors for residential and commercial buildings and the people who live or work there. Prolonging smoke damage cleanup only makes it harder to eradicate and resolve, so it is important to contact a home restoration company right away. It is important to hire a team of professionals who have the training and equipment to assist with both fire damage and any water damage caused by valuable firefighting endeavors. 

The professionals at SERVPRO are available round the clock to assist New York residents with their emergency fire damage restoration needs. Do not begin washing walls, cleaning carpets or furniture, or turning on fire damaged appliances before fire restoration professionals arrive. While it is natural to desire life to return to normal as soon as possible, safety concerns must come first. SERVPRO is a company NYC residents know and trust, and their team of professionals offers the utmost compassion and respect during stressful situations. They always aim to quickly determine which items can be salvaged and restored, and are available to assist with move outs and move ins associated with extensively damaged properties. The team of professionals can also assist with the often overwhelming task of conducting a content claim inventory.

What to do after a fire

1/23/2019 (Permalink)

What to do after a fire

Few things are as devastating to NYC homeowners as a house fire. If your home catches fire, the New York SERVPRO team works to help you begin the process of rebuilding your life. However, there is a list of things you must do following a fire that applies to homeowners anywhere in NYC, Manhattan, or anywhere else in New York. 

Call Your Insurance Adjuster 

You must call your insurance company right away. Your agent will help you understand what happens next, and they will walk you through the process of finding contractors and handling your everyday needs. Your adjuster helps you find a place to stay in New York while your home is unlivable, and he or she helps you with the financial aspect of your situation. 

Call A Restoration Specialist 
SERVPRO is a restoration company that helps people with their homes following a fire throughout Manhattan and other cities. What makes a restoration company imperative is that you cannot go back into your home when there is fire damage. It must be cleaned, boarded, and there are other issues that must be handled. For example, water damage is another problem to add to the list following a fire. 

Sort Your Property 

Once you have a restoration specialist handle the details inside your home and you’re cleared to enter, it’s time to sort your property. There may be undamaged items in your home that you can salvage. There are many more that are unsalvageable, and those items will need to be sorted and disposed of. 

Being the victim of a house fire is devastating. It’s also confusing and scary, but you are not required to go through this alone. The people you hire to help you with your new needs are here to make sure you know what to expect. They’re here to make sure you don’t feel alone, and they work hard to make sure you don’t have nearly as much to worry about. Jump to top 

Fire Damage

3/4/2018 (Permalink)

Fire is the natural oxidation of a solid or some liquid material in the chemical process of combustion. Fire is one of the fiercest elements on the planet. It can leave in its wake a devastating trail of damage, property loss and has been responsible for numerous deaths across the country over the years. Most people do not realize the extent of damage fire can cause. It is capable of bringing down buildings, infrastructure that cost a lot of capital.

The most tragic form of fire is referred to as a "wildfire". This type is fierce and spreads over a wide area fast. This type of fire does not need direct flame to spread. The small embers are enough to start house fires that claim lives and leave huge financial damage on its victims. The small bits of debris can be spread by the wind over long distances and can set a house on fire when they land on weak spots of a house.

Although it is hard to fully control the fire damage, we are in a position to prevent the fires and the response we give to such outbreaks.

Fire damage control

Immediate damage control and response is crucial in that it will:

  • Save as much of your property as possible and personal belongings.
  • The fire restoration you hire will document everything they collect by taking pictures reducing chances of losing items.
  • They will return all salvageable items back in the house
  • Save any trapped person or pet in time
  • Help you settle back as soon as possible.

The main source of fire damage however, is to educate people on fire prevention and how to stop causing fires. How to react to fire and when it happens is also very crucial and how to contact fire damage and restoration companies.

Causes of fire damage in homes and how to prevent it

12/13/2017 (Permalink)

A homeowner's worst enemy is fire because it can burn your hard earned investment to the ground and even cause deaths to you or your family. Fire is a vicious enemy who can not only burn your property but can also cause other problems such as water damage, break windows because of pressure as well as damage the roof hence expose your home to greater damage. All these dangers and losses that can be caused by fire call for you as the homeowner to think of ways to prevent fires and put them into action.

The first step you should take towards preventing fire outbreaks at homes is taking safety precautions. One way you can do this is by installing a fire alarm in your house and ensuring that it is functional at all times. The other way is by buying a fire extinguisher and placing it in an accessible and safe place. This equipment can help you mitigate the damage that fire can cause when it occurs. You can also consider installing a fire door in your kitchen to slow down the rate of burning as you look for alternative means of putting out the fire.

The next step is to ensure that you follow manufacturer's procedures whenever you are handling combustible equipment. These include equipment and items such as lighting candles, cooking equipment and electrical appliances. For example, at no time should a hob used to turn off gas be left on because once the gas fills the house it will only take a spark to ignite and cause fire.

Another thing to consider is the design of your house which should not catalyze a fire outbreak. Therefore, care should be taken to see that bright lights are not installed too close to the loft installations, flammable items should not be placed above the stove and dry grass growing around the house should be trimmed among other measures.

The possible causes of fires at our homes are kitchen fires, lightning, children playing with fire, electrical fires, and smoking. Kitchen fires can be prevented by being careful when cooking. For instance, you should wear fitting clothes when cooking and open the damper before lighting wood fire, wet ashes before throwing them away and watch out for an awful smell. Electrical fires can be avoided by avoiding overloading an outlet with appliances and repairing outlets and wiring that needs repairs. Fires caused by children can be prevented by educating children on the dangers of fire and smoke fires can easily be avoided if the smoker avoids smoking when inside the house and then ensuring that they dispose of the cigarette butt well once they are done smoking.

At SERVPRO, we have experience in dealing with fire damage and we have been providing our services to residents of Manhattan, New York City. Call us today if you had a fire at your home and are wondering how to handle the damage it caused.

Fire Damage Restoration

9/11/2017 (Permalink)

Fire damage, whether it happens at home or your business premises can be very devastating. After the fire occurrence, it leaves your property in a mess due to the smoke and also the water flooding from the fire fighting attempts. Each fire damages are unique and require different solutions, and we understand how stressful it can be.

Some hazards like fire are inevitable, and when it happens, you will need someone who can repair the damages and bring your property back to its prior condition. This is done by removing the smoke damage stains, the soot coatings and the smoke odors leaving the property in a preloss condition. This is where we come in.

There are numerous causes of fire which include;

  • Kitchen fire
  • Electrical fire
  • Home heating fire
  • Flammable items
  • Candles
  • Smoking

To perform fire restoration, we follow the following steps;

Property inspection

Our team is experienced, and we have all the tools required for a thorough inspection. They will conduct the inspection carefully to determine the severity of the fire and where smoke and soot has settled. It is the first step to decide which action to take.

Smoke and soot removal

We then start the cleaning job to eliminate all the soot and smoke residues and checking the missing items that need replacement.

Cleaning soot and removing smoke is not an easy thing to do by yourself and that is why you need professionals like us. We remove the entire smoke residue from the walls, floor, windows, and ceiling.


After cleaning, we perform a drying action to remove all the water flooded when attempting to fight the fire.


This also involves the removal of smoke odor through fogging equipment and scrubbers.


This is the last step which includes repairs and replacement. It ensures that everything is brought back to the way it was before the fire occurrence.

Creating Fire Safety Exit Plan for Your Home

4/7/2017 (Permalink)

It is imperative for you and your family to have a home escape plan in case of a fire. SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island created step by step instructions for a fire safety exit strategy.

  1. Using a floor plan (if you do not have one, you can easily draw a simple one) pick a primary exit from each room of your home. Your primary exit would be the quickest exit. You should also pick an alternative exit from each room, such as a window, if the primary exits are blocked in an emergency.
  2. Any rooms that are not on the ground floor should have a fire escape ladder. They can easily be purchased online or at your local hardware store.
  3. Write down your exit plan and give copies to each member of your family, make sure to do a practice session with any young family members.
  4. You and your family should also do an exit plan practice session in the dark as a fire can happen at any time and frequently knocks out the power.
  5. When exiting your home during a fire it is important to remember the following:
    1. A closed door that is emitting heat should not be opened, if you feel any heat you should leave using your alternative exit.
    2. If the door is closed and not emitting heat, you should open it slowly with your shoulder pushed against the door in case flames and/or smoke are on the other side.
    3. If there is smoke along the exit route, you and your family should crawl on the floor with mouths and noses covered to avoid smoke inhalation.
  6. Pick a designated meeting spot outside of your home. For example, the end of your driveway or in front of a neighbor's house.
  7. Pick a neighbor, ideally one you are friendly with, and let them know that in case of an emergency you will be coming to their house to call 911. This may seem obsolete because of cells phones however during a fire the most important thing is to exit your home ASAP and you can easily not have access to your phone or forget it.
  8. You and your family must wait outside your home until emergency services has deemed your home safe for reentry.
  9. If there is any damage from fire, water, and/or smoke - call SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island 718-979-4100 for your Cleanup & Restoration and we will make it “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island wants you to know that your family’s health and safety is top priority. We’d like to offer you assistance in anyway we can that is why we’ve created this easy to use Fire Safety Exit Plan. Should there ever be any fire, smoke, water, or mold damage in your home - please remember SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island is Faster to Any Size Disaster!

How Smoke and Soot from Fires Can Damage Your Home

9/19/2016 (Permalink)

Fires whether small or huge can be devastating when it starts at your home. More hidden damages can be done to your home than you can imagine if a small fire engulfs your home. The ugly site of soot and smoke is left visible most of the times.Both of this signs can be an indication of much more on the inside than what is seen on the surface. Smoke is dangerous to homeowners since it can slip into structural crannies and nooks and penetrate the area while leaving behind undetected odor and damage. During a fire, heat and smoke rise to migrate to cooler areas away from the fire and may permeate even areas of the home that may be thought to be undamaged. The smoke might as well wind around plumbing systems through gaps around pipes to move from one floor to another.

The various types of smoke debris that result to hidden damage include:

  • Residue from proteins
  • Residue from wet smoke
  • Residue from fire extinguisher
  • Residue from dry smoke

Most of these residues are difficult to clean but not to us. At SERVPRO of Midtown Manhattan in New York City, we bring exquisite cleaning and restoration services to both residential and commercial clients. Our restoration technicians are highly trained and are equipped with advanced equipment. We also provide round the clock emergency services to your convenience. 

Smoke Damage Tips, reduce smoke damage after a fire takes place.

7/12/2016 (Permalink)

Smoke & Soot damage after a fire.

After a fire tragedy has hit your Staten Island home or business, the restoration process can prove physically and mentally draining. You can get advice from SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island to help you prevent further damage and determine which items can or cannot be restored. Here are three tips to reducing smoke damage.

Get the air moving

Air out every room in your home by opening all the windows. Get all the fans running or install one if none existed before the fire.

Fans and dehumidifiers can also be used to dry all the wet items to prevent the growth of mold or mildew.

Remove soot

Remove soot from walls, household textiles, and other surfaces to avoid aggressive stains. You can remove some soot using a vacuum cleaner.

Use a mild soap or a chemical sponge to clean soot from walls.

Remove smoke adore

Deodorize your household textiles to remove smoke odor. You can use cleaning products or chemicals that break up smoke molecules to eliminate odors. Consult with a professional fire restorer about the cleaning products to use and the use of fire fogging to neutralize the smoke odor.

Replace your house insulation to avoid odor retention.

Consult with SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island for assistance in cleaning your house, smoke and soot removal and the restoration of your entire household.

How To Prevent Fire Damage And What To Do After One in Staten Island

6/19/2016 (Permalink)

Install a fire alarm in your Staten Island, New York home to help prevent a fire

There's no minimizing the devastating effects of a house fire. That's why taking fire preventive measures in your home, as well as acting quickly after a fire, can help prevent damage while lessening its impacts later.

Remove Fire Hazards & Install Alarms

Many house fires can be prevented by simply removing all fire hazards while installing smoke alarms on each floor of your home. Have your chimney inspected regularly, throw away old papers, and remove debris such as dead tree limbs outside the home. Make sure all flammable liquids are kept in a well-ventilated area.

Get The Air Flowing

If you've had a fire - and after you've hired SERVPRO of Midtown Manhattan to handle the cleanup, repair and restoration - open all the windows and place fans throughout the home to get rid of any moisture, because mildew forms quickly.

Remove Fabrics

Remove any carpet, rugs and draperies that have sustained fire or water damage. Also remove any clothing and send it to a dry cleaner that specializes in fire and smoke removal.

Fighting Fire & Smoke Damage

6/6/2016 (Permalink)

Fires are not only devastating but cause extensive damage as well. Fires can cause rapid and widespread smoke and soot damage, which can be hard to identify at times. Our experts at SERVPRO Southern Staten Island will survey the site to determine exactly how severe the damage is from the fire and smoke, or a fire extinguisher in the case that one was used. We will use our high tech cleaning and detection techniques to locate the areas of any residential or commercial areas that have been affected.

After a fire, there is soot left behind which is a black flaky substance. Soot may seem easy to wipe off or clean up but it’s a tedious process which no home owner wants to do after a devastating loss. Soot can also circulate through your home, affecting more contents than just what the fire actually damaged.  Our team then preforms powerful cleaning and restoration techniques to remedy the contents. It is important to know that water can have long lasting effects on your property or business, in which mold can grow or odors can stay dormant leaving an unhygienic environment.

Should you be a victim to these damages, it is imperative that you contact SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island immediately. This way, we can begin to remedy the situation before more contents are affected. SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island is certified to Service all surrounding areas, so don’t hesitate to call if you are located elsewhere. Our team is fully trained and equipped to handle any size loss! 

When Fire Stikes Contact SERVPRO of Staten Island

5/27/2016 (Permalink)

Smoke damage in a home.

When fire damage occurs, it is unexpected and devastating. SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island provides a quick response times during this critical time and difficult time for your home or business. 

Fire and smoke damage both seen and unseen needs the expertise of experience professionals, that is why it is extremely important that any fire or smoke damage is properly and thoroughly cleaned by a trained professional.

We are a locally owned and operated company that has gratefully been serving the Staten Island community for over 10 years. We are invested in the Staten Island community, that sense of community pride inspires our employees to provide quick and efficient responses, 24 x 7 to all your smoke and fire damage needs. 

Typically, fire damage can be seen and is obvious, smoke damage may not be as obvious, allow SERPRO of Staten Island to evaluate the smoke damage to determine the extent of the damage that is not visible to the naked eye. We Work with your insurance and get your restoration done as quickly as possible so you can return to your restored environment with confidence of a job well done.